How to define your Personal Value Proposition (PVP)

2023 July 31. 11:11

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Wondering how to define what unique value you bring to your life and career?

Wondering how to define what unique value you bring to your life and career?

This blog intends to discuss one key method of how to identify your personal value proposition (PVP). Enabling you to lean into your strengths and stop wasting energy on your weaknesses.

Defining your personal value proposition can be instrumental for both a rewarding life and career because it can help you to sell yourself for interviews and promotions, lean into your own purpose and truly helps people with positioning their unique skill set.

Let's start by going through the different parts that make up a PVP just as you would for a business value proposition. There are four main areas - Target > Need > Impact > Testimonial (to back it up first target).

Your target is the target area in which you provide value depending on where you're trying to identify your value.

That can be the company you work for, a company you're interviewing with, a specific organization, or your personal life. We don't always have the same PVP in all areas of our life. And this is smart because we're all capable of being uniquely valuable in different ways. Here's an example: Let's say an individual person is a social media manager, a social media manager's target could be a business or an influencer because that's who they'd like to serve.

Next, identify your targets need. What is your target's greatest need that you can address?

This is the same as the pain a company might be experiencing that you'd like to solve if offered a role. For example, a social media manager identifying a business or an influencer’s need. It may be that the business owner doesn't have the time to manage a consistent social media presence on their own.

Next, let's talk about your impact to the target. This is the meat of the value you offer.

The best way to determine this is by saying, ‘If they didn't have me, this is what they would suffer as a result’, that's the impact your absence creates. And the flip side of that is the impact your value provides. Back to our social media manager example, the impact here is that they will relieve a great burden on the business owner by taking social media off their hands. Without the social media manager, the owner would be stressed and dissatisfied with their social media presence.

Finally, the testimonial provides yourself and whomever you're sharing your PVP with, the confidence to work with you.

Who have you helped in the past to impact this very need? Have you helped them with your unique set of skills? Your testimonial is what provides credibility to your PVP. In the case of our social media manager, she's helped countless businesses get leads through social media without the stress of having to do it themselves.

Now that we've gone through the four main areas, it's time to put them together into a couple of sentences that you can rattle off when you need to. That is what becomes your PVP statement. We recommend doing this by writing out a full sentence for your target need impact and testimonial and then summarizing those four sentences together.

Let's look at our example scenario and the PVP statement. ‘As a social media manager, I know it's hard for business owners to manage their own social media presence whilst also juggling the operational demands of running a business. I've helped countless businesses by providing a consistent social presence that allows their owners to focus on what they're good at’.

We hope this article has helped you to now understand the steps to identify your PVP. If you're keen to learn more about how we can assist you... Build a profile in Juxta and head to Career Support in the dashboard for our services.