Career Opportunities

I'm genuinely invested in getting to know you. My custom platform, Juxta, helps me gain these talent insights, enabling me to more effectively 'Position You' for future career opportunities.

Why Join The Network?

It’s not just about finding a job. My goal is to help inspire, motivate, and support my network to take action, lean into change, and ultimately improve their working lives.


The idea behind Juxta...

I started Juxta with a desire to provide talented corporate professionals with a unique platform (outside of a traditional CV) to showcase more about who they are and what they can offer a potential future employer. My comprehensive profiling, is both personal and professional, allowing me to gain holistic insights & more effectively 'Position You', in my role as a recruitment professional. 


Personal & Professional Growth

I'm always looking for opportunites to connect my talent network with thought leaders, coaches & mentors who possess a variety of specialised skills to support you on your career journey. I have built a unique functionality into Juxta to facilitate these introductions, via the platform. 


It's a Private Network

Core to the Juxta platform are the privacy features. All the personal information and data you provide is locked at all times. From time to time you may receive an 'Unlock Request' from a thought leader, coach, or mentor. After viewing the request, the choice is always yours to release your profile. Should you release your profile, it will automatically revert to locked after providing a small window of time to connect. 


Community Membership

By joining the network you also have the option of becoming a member to an exclusive community of like minded corporate professionals, seeking genuine happiness at work, and deeper satisfaction with their chosen career! Members gain access to a range of curated content to guide them through the twists and turns of career uncertainty, empowering them to conquer challenges and emerge triumphant. 

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Community Support

Building a nework of thought leaders, elite coaches, and mentors, means we have the opportunity to share their wisdom. We do this via our community channels. 


'Position Me' Podcast

Featuring interviews with hand picked thought leaders and visionaries, across the globe.

Chat Hub

Ideas Exchange

We help to foster innovation and collaboration through our ideas exchange channel. 



Invite only events are curated to connect you with like-minded corporate professionals. 


Additional Content

Our thought leaders contribute insightful content designed to inspire and motivate. 

Are you a career Coach, Mentor, Thought Leader?

We want to hear from you! We are always looking for innovators, thought leaders and subject matter experts who are passionate about sharing their insights, knowledge, and influence with a vibrant community of high-performing professionals. At Juxta we recognise the immense value that your expertise brings. By joining the network, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to meaningful discussions, inspire future leaders, and drive forward-thinking conversations.


What makes Juxta unique...

I wholeheartedly recommend the Juxta community to any professional looking to advance their career.
Lou Ann Castillo Talent Acquisition Leader APAC